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Pre-Entered Stock for next Saturday Market

The following stock has been pre-entered for the forthcoming Saturday sale.  To display your stock on this page please contact the Market Office on 01278 410278.

Next Saturday Market on: 23/09/17


Dairy Section

NameCowsHeifersYoung Stock, Bulling Heifers & IncalversCalvesBulls

Last Week's Entry 71

      18 Incalf Cows due November     
Total Cows  Heifers

18 Incalf Cows 


Store Cattle

Name  Area NumberSexBreedAge

Last Week's Store Cattle Entry 798

Hayes Molland 43 Strs & Hfrs Ch, He, AA 16-23m
Passmore Ilfracombe 3 Strs Ch, BB 15-16m
Lane Bros Hinton St George 6 Strs AA (S) 18m
Hampson Chilfrome 2 Str & Hfr Minature Highland & Dex 30-36m
Delbridge Twitchen 20 Strs & Hfrs Lim, Ch 14-15m
Dawe Truro 30 Strs & Hfrs Sim 12-15m
Dawe Truro 1 Stock Bull Sim  
Edwards Bridgwater 20 Strs & Hfrs Cont & B&W 18-24m
Biffen West Buckland 20 Strs BB, Ch, Sim 18-23m
Brice Langport 17 Strs & Hfrs Ch, Lim, AA, He 13-14m
Keen Lydford 8 Strs Fri 25-26m
Mclean Hemyock 3 Strs Lim 22-24m
Miller Barnstaple 11 Strs & Hfrs BB, Her, AA, Lim 24-27m

184 Store Cattle





Stirk Section

Last Week's Entry 302          
Mock Tiverton 2 Strs Fri, AAx 9-10m
Branfield Clatworthy 6 Str & Hfrs Chx 12m
Brice Langport 1 Bull AA 9m
Chamberlain Taunton 3 Strs Dev 3-5m

12 Stirks



Calf Section

Last Week's Entry 481          
Mock Tiverton 3 H/B He, Fri 10-14d

3 Calves 




NameStore LambsCouplesBreeding EwesOrphan Lambs/
Grazing Ewes
Last Week's Entry

Store Lambs

E & L

Breeding Ewes


Stock Rams

Orphan Lambs

Grazing Ewes

Special Catalogued Sale of Mule & Mule Cross Breeding Ewes     749    
Kirby 45       5
Lane Bros         15

50 SM (2T)

8 Mule (2T)

Michell 30        

75 Store Lambs


807 Breeding Ewes 



20 Grazing Ewes

Pigs - The next Pig Auction will be held on 30th September 2017

NameWeanersBreedersCull SowsCull BoarsForward Stores

Last Entry 314



Weaners Breeders Cull Sows Cull Boars Stores

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