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Present and Correct: An Alternative for your Christmas Shopping

November 2023

Ah, Christmas shopping. It should be a joyous act of thoughtfulness, a great way to get into the festive cheer. But as well all know, it can turn into an exquisite form of torture very fast.
Finding a parking space, joining the shop-floor scrum, wrestling with the agony of what to buy and then queuing at the tills can all take the fun out of finding those special festive gifts. 

What if there was another way? Well, there is.

Buying at auction gives you access to a vast variety of individual, quirky and stylish items, from the extravagant to the inexpensive, and the bidding process has never been simpler or more hassle-free. 

You will discover exclusive treasures you can’t get in High Street chain-stores and inspirational ideas for hard-to-buy-for relatives and friends, and it can all be done either in the saleroom or by the click of a button on-line. 

Jewellery is a sure-fire winner but you can also choose from an ever-changing range of ceramics, Oriental works of art, pictures, books, maps and collectables; beautiful, historic pieces to cherish for a lifetime. But why stop there? 

Auctions are also the perfect place to pick up dinner services and silverware with which to lay the Christmas table; smart occasional chairs to accommodate your guests; and decanters and glasses for your drinks parties. Hearth accessories, rugs, footstools and candlesticks will all help to create a welcoming mood-lit cosy atmosphere. 

If you have loved ones who would appreciate an out-of-the-ordinary present, why not consider purchasing something at auction this year? Bag something unusual and personal and, into the bargain, ‘yule’ probably scoop enough brownie points to last until next Christmas.

Our specialist Antiques department have three sale before Christmas, so come along to check it out. You can see our upcoming sales in our calender here

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