Below are the results and videos for the top three in each class as decided by our panel of international judges.


Class 1January 2020 onwards 
1st08/01/2020Cairbre Piston Crystal Ho Cairbre Holsteins >> PLAY VIDEO
2nd02/01/2020Racewood Doormans Zandra Ho S Harris >> PLAY VIDEO
3rd15/01/2020Panda Leedham Attractive O'Kalibra Red Ho Leedham & Panda Holsteins >> PLAY VIDEO

Class 21st oct - 31st December 2019 
1st02/10/2019Blydale miss ChiefHo S & T Wake >> PLAY VIDEO
2nd14/11/2019Panda Tangtastic Red Ho Panda Holsteins >> PLAY VIDEO
3rd03/12/2019Panda Jolly Lolly Red Ho Panda Holsteins >> PLAY VIDEO

Class 3 1st July - 30th September 2019 
1st02/08/2019Panda Tango Red HoPanda Holsteins >> PLAY VIDEO
2nd05/07/2019Panda Stunning fools Gold Ho Willow Holsteins >> PLAY VIDEO
3rd24/09/2019Valebrook Impression Sophie Ho AJ Langley & Son >> PLAY VIDEO

Class 4 1st April - 31st June 2019 
1st07/06/2019Panda Unstopabull Lemonade Red Ho Cowindale Holsteins >> PLAY VIDEO
2nd20/04/2019Blydale Missy Ho S & T Wake >> PLAY VIDEO
3rd18/04/2019Alderbarrow Nihao Brenda Ho B & L Whitfield & Son >> PLAY VIDEO

Class 5 1st April 2018 - 31st March 2019 
1st01/03/2019Thistlerose Denver Zandra Ho P & AJ Arrell >> PLAY VIDEO
2nd06/07/2018Feizor Ammo B Kandie 3 Ho Katal Holsteins >> PLAY VIDEO
3rd =12/06/2018Firtslook Blacklabel Doorman Petrelle Ho Churchvale Holsteins >> PLAY VIDEO
3rd =01/02/2019Alderbarrow MVP Companion Ho B & L Whitfield & Son >> PLAY VIDEO

Coloured Breed 

Class 6 January 2020 onwards 
1st02/01/2020Hayvalley Yegabomb Orangutan JerDW & GN Renfree & Family>> PLAY VIDEO
2nd12/02/2020Avalon Lambeau Paeony Gur N, K & L Sales >> PLAY VIDEO
3rd23/01/2020Olympic LH Viva La Vida JerL & P Roberston >> PLAY VIDEO

Class 7 1st oct - 31st December 2019 
1st31/10/2019Crayola Buster Denim Ayr C & N Lockyer >> PLAY VIDEO
2nd07/12/2019Kirkinriola Dazzler Magic JerJack King >> PLAY VIDEO
3rd09/12/2019Beca Focus Wynter 222 Ayr E Wheeler >> PLAY VIDEO

Class 81st July - 30th September 2019 
1st01/09/2019Avalon Lambeau Meadow Sweet Gur N, K & L Sales >> PLAY VIDEO
2nd09/09/2019Sunnydawn Oliver Ciderapple JerC peach >> PLAY VIDEO
3rd26/07/2019Kedar Rhapsodia BS Jonny lochead & Family >> PLAY VIDEO

Class 9 1st April - 31st June 2019 
1st24/05/2019Churchroyd Bronte Wildeyes 65 DS IRG Collins & Partners >> PLAY VIDEO
2nd22/05/2019Churchroyd Fay 21 DSIRG Collins & Partners >> PLAY VIDEO
3rd01/06/2019Creamfield DJ Roxy Jer Cerys Powell >> PLAY VIDEO

Class 10 1st April 2018 - 31st March 2019 
1st23/09/2018Holdontoyourhats Bo Beep BS Hattie Hassall >> PLAY VIDEO
2nd08/03/2019Erne Blink Sea Lily Ayr S & N Baxter >> PLAY VIDEO
3rd23/01/2019Kedar Wonderment Rhappuchino BS Jonny Lochead & family>> PLAY VIDEO