Despite many regular buyers staying at home trying to beat the rain forecast for Wednesday, trade still held to 2000gns plus at SAC Golden Opportunity Sale.

A superb large consignment from RD Horton & Son’s “Hinton” herd from Wiltshire topped the sale at 2200gns with “Hinton Mogul Rona 2nd” GP84 as a heifer from 5 generations of Ex or VG dams, she sold fresh to her second lactation. Other cows from Cleave Farm Partnership “Vanswood” herd and “Hinton” sold to 1900gns.

Calved heifers again sold for 2000gns plus to a top of 2180gns for FH Chave & Son’s “Peacehay Arvis Squaw” with the red heifer from the same Vendor “Rockset Berlin Blackrose Red” at 2000gns.

The recent excellent incalf heifer trade continued with Oliver Coombes “Withamvale King Ghost ET” due September selling for 1800gns and David Coombes last ever “Ona” from his “Yardgrove” herd at 1750gns and “Beaconhill Caviar Betje” at 1720gns. “Vanswood” heifers from their “Eclipse” family due October sold to 1600gns as did the commercial non-recorded British Friesian x Shorthorn heifer due September from Higher Farm (Manston) Ltd.

Bulling heifers “Roundhillsfarm Supershot Lucy” from W Green & Sons sold to 900gns with yearling heifers from JF Cobb & Sons at 700gns and heifer calves “Vanswood Jones Heidi” born February at 550gns from Cleave Farm Partnership.

Buyers from Devon, Wales, Hereford and up to Scotland produced the following averages:

24Calved Cows£1814.00
24Calved Heifers£1708.00
34Holstein Incalf Heifers due September£1490.00
14 British Friesian Incalf Heifers£1540.50
27Bulling Heifers£822.50
11Yearling & Younger Heifers£704.00
10Heifer Calves£554.40