The trade for the summer and autumn calving herd from AL Baker of Exeter was brisk following their decision to move the cows to Sedgemoor Auction Centre for convenience of sale. The 10,000kgs herd was much admired and many of the high yielding animals were rewarded with good prices, in line with the current trade, the lower end was still selective.

The trade topped at 2000gns twice for two second lactation daughters of “Welcome Armitage Pesky” both giving around 40kgs and selling to a volume buyer from Dorset. Other cows sold to 1950gns and 1850gns. The mostly July calved heifers topped at 1900gns for a daughter of “ABS Poldark”, with others to 1880gns and 1820gns leading to a very good average of £1601.

Incalf heifers sold to 1150gns twice for daughters of “Apina Nadal”. Heifer calves to 320gns twice for daughters of “Seagull-Bay MVP” and “Bryceholme SS Boastful”.

28 buyers were recorded for the 188 cattle on offer travelling from Cornwall to Gloucestershire and all counties in between creating the following impressive averages:
126 Cows & Heifers (including 42 heifer calves @ £293)£1476 
31  Calved Heifers £1601 
15Out of Warranty Cows £558 
4Incalf Heifers £1168 
42Heifer calves £293
1Five year old Aberdeen Angus Bull £1260