Chris & Julie Reed’s decision to cease milk production brought 300 flying herd milking cows and heifers averaging 10,961kgs 3.90%BF 3.36%P SCC157 on 3x’s day milking to Sedgemoor Auction Centre on Tuesday 26th October.  The large choice of milkers on offer drew a large crowd and resulted in cows traveling back to Cornwall and Carmarthen.  

The trade for fresh milk and dry cows was the highlight of the day with purchasers wanting cows close to profit.  The commercial October fresh 2nd calver topped the day at 2100gns, close behind at 2000gns was the Coppicepark Heather 114th that had calved in August with the October calved Coppicepark Debs 70th at 1950gns as was a commercial August 2nd calver.  September calved 7th lactation cows sold to 1400gns.  Dry cows due to their third in November were at 1800gns and the best of the spring calvers due again in March topped at 1750gns.  However the spring and late lactation cows were a more selective trade reflecting the concerns over winter costs.  

The catalogue included 65 cows in their 5th plus lactation and a large number of 3/4rd cows milking well and keeping their place in the herd on merit.  Cows sold (excluding those with faults) averaged £1,238.