Excellent trade for quality cows generated 16 over 2000gns at the Henden Manor Estate Dispersal at Sedgemoor Auction Centre on Tuesday 16th April. This commercial herd was much admired and attracted buyers from Cornwall to Sussex, Wales and Cheshire.

Topping the sale at 2200gns was the 2 year old calved heifer by “Bomaz Altaentrust” that was giving 35 kgs. Other calved heifers by “Synergy Alta Mr P Red” sold for 2050gns and by “Melarry Altamatt” for 2000gns. The calved heifers averaged £1767.

Cows in their second lactation having calved in March sold to 2100gns as did those due to their second in November. Third calvers due in July sold to 2050gns. The older cows were also in demand with fifth calvers due June selling to 1400gns.

Incalf heifers due August to sexed semen by “Lone-Oak-Acres Altarabo” sold to 1700gns.

14 month old bulling heifers by “S-S-I Supershot Kaminsky” sold to 750gns and yearling heifers by “S-S-I Montross Megaman” to 710gns.

Heifer calves out of the fresh calved red and white heifer by “Synergy Alta Mr P Red” that sold for 2050gns sold to 480gns by “Palmyra Smptco Manny Red”. Others February born sold to 430gns and April born to 410gns.

A day which produced over 40 successful purchasers, many of which were volume buyers, produced the following creditable averages justifying the decision to bring the cows to Sedgemoor from Kent.

171Milking Cows and Heifers £1,440
54Incalf Heifers due May to December £1,233
32Maiden Heifers£723
52Yearling & Younger Heifers£660
36 Heifer Calves£328