Excellent quality cattle at the monthly collective sale generated an electric trade across the catalogue.

Freshly calved cows topped at 2400gns x2 for the second lactation “Lilylane Nolan Orchid 81st” from Lilylane Farms Ltd and a third calver “Bettiscombe Octoberfest Pruscilla GP81” from regular consigners Roland and Simon Bugler who also sold a VG86 “Mogul Sher” at 2300gns. RD Horton & Son sold second calvers to 2300gns and 2050gns. Others to 2100gns and 2000gns x4 for second to fourth calvers for C & H Ford Farm Ltd.

Bettiscombe also topped the calved heifers with “Piston Neta” selling at 2250gns and “Piston Rosemaree 2nd” at 2100gns. RD Horton & Son sold “Hinton Mogul Audrey” at 2150gns with others at 2050gns x2 for the Dimond Farming Ltd and 2050gns for Lilylane Farms Ltd.

A superb bunch of incalf heifers from JF Cobb & Sons were in strong demand selling to 1650gns x4 for heifers due March to June by “Abs Joplin”, “Abs Medley” and “Lars-Acres Modest Trophy” with all 36 heifers averaging £1624.

The day included a reduction sale of the November to January calved cows and heifers plus the dispersal of the youngstock portion for TI Miller & Partners. Their calved cows sold to 1890gns for a “Pello” second calver, bulling heifers sold to 920gns x6 for daughters of “Cogent Twist”, “Cookiecutter Harper” and “Sandy-Valley Performer”. 11 month old heifers sold to 650gns x4 and heifer calves to 400gns x3.

35 successful purchasers in the ring and online to include volume buyers from Cornwall to Lancashire produced the following excellent averages:

28Calved Cows£2126
32Calved Heifers£1914
29Cows & Heifers (TI Miller & Partners)£1685
36Incalf Heifers£1624
76Maiden Heifers£810
67Yearling Heifers£700
36Heifer Calves£358