The well-bred commercial dairy herd for Force Green Farms from Kent was dispersed in front of an impressive crowd at Sedgemoor Auction Centre. Buyers turned out in force for the complete sale from cows down to calves with the best in particular creating a blistering trade for this herd that has been managed by Gregory Pickering for the past 6 years.

The day’s top price was 2400gns for a smart heifer by “Ladys-Manor LQ G Lanvin” that had calved in May and was currently giving 35 kgs. A further 12 lots exceeded the 2000gns barrier including another “Lanvin” heifer at 2200gns. The highlight was the 28 May calved heifers that averaged almost £2000 each.

Fresh milk certainly was in demand, with dry cows calving up until September meeting a similar intense trade to top 2000gns twice, for heifers coming into their second lactation.

Following on the same ilk was the incalf heifers that again saw autumn milk in demand selling to at 1750gns for a “Supersire” heifer incalf to “Rubicon” sexed. A “Tiergan” heifer sold to 1700gns.

Served heifers sold to a 1020gns by “Zeber”. Yearlings to 760gns by “OCD Yoder Cinder” and calves to 400gns by “Seagull-Bay SR Stardust”.
Over 400 cattle were sold in just over five hours to 50 buyers that spanned the breadth of the UK including Staffordshire, Cheshire, Carmarthen, Cornwall and most other Counties in between created the following impressive averages:

187Cows (all faults)£1575

Including Calves £1643
28Calved Heifers£1985
34Incalf Heifers£1436
74Served & Bulling Heifers£855
70Yearling & Younger Heifers£589