Auctioneers Greenslade Taylor Hunt’s second sale from Kent in a week produced 2000gns cows and calved heifers and 1900gn incalf heifers.

Mike Goddard’s much admired “Guston” herd attracted interest from Cornwall to Wales and across the water to Ireland. The trade of the day was without doubt the heifers with “Guston Hurricane Nanette” who calved in December at 1 year 10 months and with a PLI of £481 topped the day at 2100gns. At 2000gns was another “Hurricane” from the “Fran” family who calved in January also at 1 year 10 months. The much admired “Hope” family also produced calved heifers at 2000gns.

February second calvers also sold to 2000gns for members of the Fran family by the homebred “Guston Happy” bull.

The strongest incalf heifer trade of the year so far for heifers calving under 2 years produced members of the “Hope” family by “Walnutlawn Soloman” due in June to 1900gns. This was a Granddaughter of “Picston Shottle” as was “Guston Hurricane Kelsey” due May who sold for 1720gns.

The 38 successful purchasers on the day produced the following impressive averages:

130Dairy Cows£1405.00
203/4rd and High Cell count cows £726.00
28Calved Heifers£1633.00
42Incalf Heifers£1320.00