Auctioneers Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a Sedgemoor Auction Centre record average of £1659 for straw yard cows for Jeremy & Anita Bown’s Steventon Dispersal Sale.  Having sold incalf heifers well in the June Collective Sale at Sedgemoor the Bown’s were encouraged to make the decision to disperse their herd within three weeks and were well rewarded with the trade.

The first cow in the ring a June second calver “Steventon Chief Edna” GP82 sold for 1950gns and the trade held throughout for the all year around calving herd with a total of 18 selling for over £2000 to a top of 2250gns for an another second calver, “Steventon Baloo Tinkerbell 4th” GP81 calved in January and served in June she was giving 45.7kg.  She was followed through the ring by her Bestday heifer calf who sold to the same purchaser for 580gns.   A further 2 fresh cows and 2 spring calvers back in calf sold to 2200gns each.  A run of three May calved heifers in a row from the Dot, Candle and Chancery families all sold for 2000gns.

Incalf heifers due September by Jethro sold to 1850gns for a Dawn that was out of two generations of VG dams, heifers due November sold to 1500gns.  The 10 a lot heifer calves sold after their dams were in strong demand selling to 580gns and 4 x 520gns.  

A day when many were silaging still drew purchasers from Cornwall to Wales and Staffordshire as well as a large Dorset and Wiltshire contingent to produce the following excellent averages:-

Dairy Cows£1659
Calved Heifers£1792.50
Incalf Heifers due September to December£1548
Heifer Calves£523