Bettiscombe and Rookhaye topped the day taking the top 7 prices spots up to 2300gns for the 2nd lactation “Bettiscombe Afterburner Honor 62nd” from Roland and Simon Bugler who sold other second calvers to 2150gns and 2050gns. Another second calver “Rookhaye Torpedo Geraldine GP81” sold for 2150gns and others from the same Vendor to 2050gns. Third calvers being “Quantock Rabo Raven 2nd” from C & H Ford Farm Ltd sold for 2000gns with fourth calvers at 1920gns and 1900gns. A smart second calver from PJ Andrews “Beneknowle Dreamer Sunray 114th” also sold for 2000gns.

Calved heifers sold to 2250gns for “Rookhaye Hurricane Emerald” with other “Rookhaye” heifers at 2100gns, 2000gns and 1950gns. Other heifers at 2000gns were FH Chave & Son’s “Peacehay Suspense Fairy 88th” and Lilylane Farms Ltd’s “Lilylane Dreamer Monogram 47th”. Numerous others at 1900gns to include heifers from “Dinnaton” and “Hinton”.

A choice of 60 incalf heifers generated interest from across the West Country and Wales with TR Horsington & Sons “Godney” heifers all by “Noremead Presently” and due the end of February to the Aberdeen Angus selling to 1500gns x2 for members of the “Bitter” and Filbert” families. Commercial heifers due April at under 2 years of age sold to 1380gns x2 for JF Cobb & Sons. Non-recorded commercial heifers from NJ & RS Hector sold to 1340gns for June calvers and to 1380gns and 1320gns for TJ & MJ Lloyd & Partners of Pembrokeshire

Bulling heifers sold to 830gns x2 for Wrackleford Farms Ltd and heifer calves to 400gns for “Rookhaye Danger Lotus” and 310gns x3 for commercial non-recorded calves from TJ & MJ Lloyd & Partners and 300gns x5 for D Thorner.

With bidders both in the ring and online 30 were successful and cattle travelled to Cornwall, across Wales and to Shropshire as well as strong local demand to produce the following averages:
26Calved Cows£1880
34Calved Heifers£1895
59Incalf and Served Heifers£1208
17Bulling and Younger Heifers£  815
27Heifer Calves£  296