The annual Golden Opportunity Sale drew vendors from Kent/Sussex/Oxfordshire/ Wiltshire/Gloucestershire/Devon/Dorset and Somerset to produce a comprehensive 400 head catalogue at Sedgemoor Auction Centre on Thursday 8th July.

60 purchaser produced a strong trade across the catalogue which started with collective heifers at 2050gns x3 for RK & SG Miller & Son “Moorshard”, A J Limond and Rea & Son “Clenchers”. Collective cows sold to 1950gns x2 for second calvers from Rookhaye Estate with others at 1900gns for Rea & Son and 1880gns for the Brown Swiss from Brian Miller.
BS Newth & Sons dispersal of non-recorded commercial cows generated a great deal of interest selling to 1850gns for a May calved British Friesian heifer with Dairy Shorthorn calved Heifers at 1780gns and other British Friesians at 1620gns x2.

An Exceptional entry of 126 incalf heifers caught purchasers attention selling to 1700gns x2 for commercial heifers by RDG Aladdin Red ET due August to the Angus from GJ Hook & Son. Pedigree incalf heifers due August from ML & RI Loader’s “Broadleaze” herd sold to 1650gns with Yfarm bred heifers from DH & C Bennett at 1620gns and dispersal sale heifers from G & R Bailey at 1600gns.
DB Dunford & Sons decision to disperse their crossbred youngstock was well rewarded with Browns Swiss X heifers due September to the Norwegian Red selling for 1600gns, Holstein Friesian X heifers at 1520gns and Swedish Red’s at 1500gns. Their yearlings born last August and September sold to 760gns x3, Swedish Red X, 740gns x2 Holstein Friesian X, 720gns x 8 Brown Swiss X. Incalf Jersey heifers due September sold to 800gns with bulling heifers at 500gns x3 for S & K Oakley.

20 month old bulling heifers by RDG Aladdin Red ET sold to 1180gns x2, 1120gns x2, 1100gns and 1080gns x2 for GJ Hook & Sons. 15 month old heifers from RA & SA Reed’s “Allerways” herd at 1000gns x2.   Younger heifers to 800gns x3 for Wrackleford Farms final youngstock dispersal and 720gns and 710gns x2 for MP & PM Perrett.  
Red and White heifer calved from GJ Hook & Sons 400gns x3.

A great atmosphere in the ring and strong bidding online combined to produce the following creditable averages:
Calved Cows£1909.25
Calved Heifers£1879.50
Incalf Heifers£1509.93
Bulling Heifers£958
Yearling & Younger Heifers£686.25
Heifer Calves£327.60

Incalf Heifers£1438.50
Yearling & Younger Heifers£715

Incalf Heifers£735
Bulling Heifers£488

BS Newth & Sons Dispersal
67Cows & Heifers £1336
1Incalf Heifer£1365