An excellent entry of 300 Head for the June Collective Sale produced a strong fresh milk trade for the best and continued strong youngstock trade.

In the fresh milk section “Hinton Brendan Denise GP84” the May second calver out of the Ex93-3E dam topped the cows at 2050gns. The first of “Hinton’s” heifers being the May calved “Scenario Cadiz” topped the heifers again at 2050gns. A further four heifers from “Hinton” sold for 2000gns. At 1950gns was “Clenchers Superstyle Flora” from Rea & Son.
The continued dispersal of the “Steventon” herd for J & J Bown produced August calving heifers at 1650gns for “Sting Tinkerbell” and 1600gns for members of the “Buttercup” and Candle” families. GJ & FL Robertson sold a commercial incalf heifer at 1580gns. A great run of 44 incalf heifers from Cleave Farm Partnership calving August to October sold to 1580gns for “Vanswood Chairman Honest” and 1550gns for members of the “Carla”, “Phoebe” and “Joan” families.

Bulling heifers from CJ Elmes sold to 900gns for the red and white “Swallowdale Die Sylvia Red 63rd” and “Crystal Mario Jazz 31st. At 860gns from Hanford Farms was the January 2020 born heifer “Irresitable Zenda 2nd” and March born “Superpoll Louisa”. April 2020 born heifers from Finefarm Ltd sold to 820gns for a “Delaberge Pepper” daughter out of a 16,000 kgs dam.

The day included the dispersal of the commercial straw yarded cows from GM & AM Habershon of Chippenham. The younger cows were in demand selling to 1850gns for the September 2020 calved second lactation cow due again in September and 1750gns for the June calved heifer by “Seagull-Bay MJ Applejax”. Other second calvers sold to 1650gns x2 with incalf heifers due July at 1500gns.

Fresh heifer calves sold to 300gns x8 for GJ Dalton and RL & ME Trott.
Calved Cows£1837.50
Calved Heifers£1896
Incalf Heifers£1448
Bulling & Yearling Heifers£807
Heifer Calves£291
GM & AM Habershon
93 Cows (Inc. all faults)£1114
21 Incalf Heifers £1241