KAM Farming’s dispersal of their commercial CIS recorded dairy herd produced a top call of 2120gns for the June calved heifer by ”Seagull-Bay-MJ Solaris” with others by the same sire at 2100gns. 
A September calved heifer due again in September to “Remedy” sold for 2000gns with second lactation cows by “Cookiecutter Harper” and “Great-Hill Mickey” at 2000gns x3.

The herd included no less than 103 cows in their 4th - 9th lactation with 4th calvers at 1700gns, 5th calvers to 1600gns and 6th calvers to 1450gns.
Incalf heifers due September to “Lightning Total” sold to 1450gns with others at 1400gns and 1350gns x2. Bulling heifers by “Wilra Abs Amplify” at 720gns x2 and yearling heifers by the same sire at 640gns x4. “A” Lot heifer calves by “SHG Rainstorm” sold to 360gns.

A mix of bidders in the ring and online produced 47 successful purchasers from across the West and Wales to Staffordshire.
275Cows and Heifers (Inc. 70 three quartered cows)£1242
  27Incalf Heifers£1155
   8Recently Served Heifers£858
  14Yearling and Younger Heifers£575