An exceptional entry of over 400 head for the annual Lady Day Sale at Sedgemoor Auction Centre produced a very strong trade for incalf heifers with several potential buyers leaving empty handed.

With an abundance of fresh milk on the market over the next four weeks this trade was generally easier on the day selling to 2050gns for the VG85 third calver “Hinton Supersire Brenda” one of a large consignment from RD Horton & Son. Others to 1700gns x3 for the same Vendor. Calved heifers topped at 1780gns for “Dinnaton Masterful Kingpin Andrea” from DC Dennis & Son who had others at 1700gns and 1650gns.
Incalf heifers were the trade of the day selling to 1650gns for “”Fortune Applejax Canary 2nd” part of the continued dispersal for TT & HS Barber who had others at 1620gns and 1600gns. Heifers also at 1600gns for the “Abs Joplin” daughter due April to “Partytime” for JF Cobb & Sons. Others at 1580gns and 1550gns for MJ Lock & Partners who are dispersing their herd in Sedgemoor on Tuesday 13th April next. The trade continued for the autumn calving heifers with a number over 1400gns.

Thirteen month old bulling heifers from JF Cobb & Sons sold to 920gns x2 and heifer calves to 750gns x2 for “Loford Darwin Gloria” and “Loford Spirte Veetara” for MJ & JE Wade.
The sale included two dispersals the first for RD & SA Patch whose commercial Holsteins and Crossbreds sold to 1450gns for a February Brown Swiss X second calver.

The second dispersal was the organic homebred commercial herd for LS, KM & CJ Davies which topped at 1420gns for a February calved Swedish Red X third calver with incalf heifers due April at 1220gns.

The sale attracted purchasers from Cornwall to Warwickshire and most parts of Wales with the following averages being generated:
20Calved Cows£1488.88
47Calved Heifers£1498.60
76Incalf Heifers£1452.00
15Bulling Heifers£843.50
52Heifer Calves£448.88
MJ Lock & Partners 
8Dry Cows£1305.94
8Incalf Heifers£1491.00
RD & SA Patch
2Incalf Heifers£1134.00
LS, KM & CJ Davies
2Incalf Heifers£1281.00