A packed dairy ring witnessed an uplift in trade for all the dairy cattle sold.  With over 400 head catalogued to include two dispersal sales there was plenty of choice on offer.  Fresh milk sold to 2100gns for PE (King) Bristol Ltd second lactation cow Kingspool Endure Tatiana who classified VG85 as a heifer, another of their second calvers from the Chloe family sold for 2050gns.  Calved heifers in this section also sold to 2000gns twice for commercial heifers from JP & DA Derham and ML & LJ Robertson.

A consignment of 33 Pedigree Jersey’s from the “Depwade” Herd of NW Moore & Sons Norfolk sold exceptionally well despite the large number of Jersey’s that have been on the market across the west county this autumn.Fresh calved heifers sold to 1180gns for Zlager Matilda 25th, incalf heifers due December sold to 880gns x 2 with those due in February realising 720gns and yearling heifers again from the Matilda family selling to 900gns.

The catalogue contained two dispersal sales the first for Frank Greenway of Bridport with his Thornbrook Herd generating a strong trade throughout topping at 2000gns for “Twist Alice 3rd” a VG85 pointed heifer that had calved in March and was due again in February to Mogual.  Fresh heifers sold to 1950gns as did those that had calved last July.  Fresh 5th calvers sold to 1450gns with the Ex90 6th calver from the much admired Tina family realising 1200gns and the Ex90 7th lactation Prim at 1250gns.Incalf heifers by Doorman sold to 1600gns.

The good trade for fresh milk and young cows continued for the second dispersal for DF & BA Wheeler of Chippenham Wiltshire topping at 1900gns for Hazeland Midnight a second calver.  Incalf heifers sold to 1350gns for Peggy 45th with bulling heifers at 720gns x 2 for members of the Barbara and Quadrille families by Peak Altatrueshot.

Incalf heifers from the collective section sold to 1380gns twice and 1320gns for PE King (Bristol) Ltd and 1280gns for TJ & ID Bray.Bulling heifers sold to 810 x2 for RA & SA Reed’s Allerways herd who also had yearling heifers at 760gns x 3.Heifer calves from Rookhaye Estates sold to 375gns x 2.

A good entry of quality cattle across the board was rewarded with no less than 53 purchasers from across the West County, Wales and the Midlands who generated the following impressive averages:

Collective Section
18Calved Cows£1769
30Calved Heifers£1745
18Incalf Heifers£1166
30 Bulling & Younger Heifers£  653
57Yearling Heifers£  536
14Heifer Calves£  338
 Depwade Jersey’s
  7Calved Heifers£1092
11 Incalf Heifers£745
14Bulling Heifers£612
FJ Greenway
65Cows & Heifers£1521
  6Incalf Heifers£1425
DF & BA Wheeler Ltd
72Cows & Heifers£1239
  5Incalf Heifers£1104
14Bulling Heifers£  732