Large crowds drawn from as far afield as Wrexham, Sussex and Newquay.

A short entry of 19 Dexter cattle met a selective trade.  Top was £630 for Northbrook Foxy (2013) with her steer calf Old Walford Fred (6/19) and PD’d due March to Stargate Sands Tom from C Davis of Dunkeswell. Stock bull Shilford Eric (2018) with Saltaire Apple and Needles Hall Agaphanthus as grand sire and dam on his sire’s side met a call of £420 for AA & KM Reed, Exeter.  Maiden heifers to £341.25 for a pure bred Dexter from C Gillard, Sherborne.


A big thank you to the judge Jason Bennett.

Class 1 Cow or Heifer in milk
1st         Northbrook Foxy, C Davis, Dunkeswell.  
2nd        Quarry Fiesta, C Gillard, Sherborne.      
3rd        Kimbles Gin & Tonic, C Gillard, Sherborne.
Class 2 Cow or Heifer (heifers to have had one calf) 
1st         Pure bred Dexter, D Dymond, Honiton.
2nd        Niddons Amber, C Gillard, Sherborne.
3rd        Pure bred Dexter, D Dymond, Honiton.
Class 3 Heifer under 16 Months
1st         Pure bred Dexeter, C Gillard, Sherborne.
2nd        Woodmanor Marigold, S Hucker, Weston-S-M
3rd        Pure bred Dexeter, LM Dymond, Honiton.
Class 6 Steer over 16 Months
1st         J Ford, Bridgwater.
2nd        J Ford, Bridgwater.
3rd         J Ford, Bridgwater.        
Class 7 Bull (any age)
1st          Whitestone Tor, AA & KM Read, Exeter.
2nd        Shilford Eric, BT Stamp, Exeter.
Breed Champion                                                         
Whitestone Tor, AA & KM Read, Exeter.
Reserve Breed Champion
Shilford Eric, BT Stamp, Exeter.             


The trade continues to be good for the best but the drop in price of cull cows and store cattle in general is having an effect on the cows that are older and or smaller poorer calves with most suckler producers having run bulls during the summer it was not surprising that the bull trade was difficult.

Bulls sold to £1900 for a 2 year old Limousin from J Creed & S Doyle.  Angus bulls to £1850 VE Sellick. Best cow and calves to £1360 for a Blonde cross cow and calf from R Webber who had Blue cross cows and calves to £1220.  Blue cross cows and calves to £1300 from P Webber.  Charolais cows and calves to £1220 BM Churches.  Hereford cross heifer with heifer calf £1140 HG Tincknell Ltd who had North Devon cross heifer with Angus heifer calf to £1010.  Simmental cows and calves to £980 CG & D Gribble. Angus cross cows and calves to £920 P & J Sweeting. Incalf Charolais cows to £1100 from Hilborne & Son.


A huge crowd of people attended this year’s RBST Show & Sale, helped by the presence of the Valais Blacknose sheep which caused much excitement and resulted in the highest prices ever seen for sheep at Sedgemoor Market.

Valais Blacknose (13)
A quality entry for the inaugural sale attracted a huge crowd around the ring.  Blackertor Emita sold by D Hodge & J Walters met with spirited bidding with the hammer coming down at a record sheep price of £7350. The same Vendors also sold shearling ewe Blackertor Elizabeth for £5775, ewe lamb Blackertor Fuchsia for £4725 and ram lamb Blackertor Frisk for £3675.  C & C Slee sold ewe lambs Halsbury Gertrude and Halsbury Gloria for £5775 and £4725 respecitively.  E Collinson sold shearling ewe Gemstone Penny for £4410 and R Snouckaert sold her shearling ram for £3360.

Shetland Sheep (84)
A smaller entry of 84 Shetland sheep sold to an overall stronger trade, particularly for the best quality.   Shearling ewes sold to £168 and £115.50 from DL Bell; £126 from V Girardot and £115.50 from JJ & VA Bloom.   Shearling rams sold to £157.50 from R Norton and ewe lambs sold to £105 and £99.75 from PJ Samociuk and £105 from R Norton.

Jacob Sheep (69)
A larger entry of 69 Jacob sheep sold to a competitive trade.  Shearling rams sold to £294 from PAH Clatworthy; £236.25 from C Fisher and £157.50 from K Morish.  Shearling ewes sold to £189 (x6) from B Pescod and £105 (x2) from K Morish and ram lambs sold to £178.50 from PAH Clatworthy.

Other Sheep (141)

Ryeland – ewe lamb sold to £252 from RP Wear.
Southdown – shearling ewe sold to £115.50 from C Ball and shearling ram to £107 from D Wickens.
Kerry Hill – ewe lambs sold to £105 from Kingswater Livestock.
Leicester Longwool – shearling ewe sold to £105 from CM Yiend.
Llanwenog – shearling ewes sold to £94.50 from A Hodges & sons.
Herdwick – shearling ewes sold to £82 from SJ & MT Carey.

A big thank you to the Down, Hill & Heath, Longwool & Primitive Judges Chris Adamson and John Mills.

Breeding Ewes (1486)
A good entry of 1486 breeding ewes for the catalogued Autumn sale sold to a solid trade, when North Country Mules in particular met more interest.  Top call was £135 (x2) for Suffolk Mules from WN Chick & Sons.  A grand run of North Country Mules from JF Walker & Partners sold to £128 (x4) £127 (x2) and £125 (x4).  Foxhollow Farm Ltd also sold North Countrys to £125, as did Ashbrook Farms.  Texel Mules sold to £124 (x2) from MA Johnson Ltd. Overall average a respectable £108.22.


A big thank you goes to Alice Newth our very capable judge for the day.

A smaller pig entry for the show and sale than last year. Overall Show Champion was awarded to C Bull, Sussex.


A big thank you goes to our Poultry Judges P Hayford.

A large entry of poultry for our Rare Breed Survival Trust Sale sold to a mixed trade. Top price went to N Croton, Waggs Plot Farm who sold 2 lovely Lady Amherst pheasants for £90. L Hodesdon, Barton Cottage had 2 cracking pens of 5F Light Sussex, one to £78 and the other to £70. Ducks sold to £62 for a pair of Magpie Call Ducks From FJ Smith. Turkeys sold to £20 for 1F Crollmitzer from J Woodward.
Champion went to G Murch for a Pair of rare white Croad Langshan.

Reserve Champion went to M Stone for 2F Bantam Light Sussex.

The next poultry sale will be held on Saturday 16th November.

Our grateful thanks to all Vendors and Purchasers.