Crowds gathered in the sunshine for the first on farm sale of 2019 at Rix Farm, Tiverton for the Frankpitt family on Tuesday 26th February 2019.  Their decision to cease milk production produced a catalogue of 304 Holstein and Crossbred Dairy Cows and Incalf Heifers together with the Milking Equipment, Surplus Farm Machinery and Fodder.

The day started with the deadstock which saw the GEA 18:18 Herringbone Parlour sell for £8,200 and a Surge 7000 litre Bulk Milk Tank for £4,800.

Fodder that sold from the rostrum before the cows achieved £45 per tonne for both clamp maize and grass silage. Round bale grass silage sold for £23 per bale and fodder beet realised £26.50 per tonne.

Overall the dairy trade proved to be better than expected considering the number of cows currently on the market, spurred on by the entry of 100 cows with cross breeding. Fresh milk continues to attract demand for the best young cows and calved heifers and there was a large company of buyers and prospective purchasers chasing the autumn calvers.

A January second calver by “Ladys-Manor Gras La-Bron” giving 51.7 kgs topped the day at 1850gns with a February second calver by “De-Su 11971 justice ET” at 1780gns. The pedigree autumn calver “Rix Polly 32nd” giving 52.2 kgs and served again to her third in October sold to 1750gns. The August 2018 calved heifer “Rix Eva 5th” that had calved at 1 year 9 months and was due to her second in August 2019 and sold for 1700gns.

Incalf heifers due to calve March to sexed semen and calving under 2 years of age sold to 1280gns.

No less than 75 individual purchasers from Cornwall to Wales produced the following averages:

233Holstein & Crossbred Cows Inmilk & Incalf£1,171
37Grazing & Three Quartered  Cows£629
26Incalf Heifers£1,101