The first dispersal of 2021 at Sedgemoor Auction Centre attracted an incredible amount of interest, despite being loose housed and amidst the pandemic the draw of Organic Crossbreds did not deter buyers.  Fortunately our large dairy ring can accommodate a significant number of socially distant buyers and Marteye, the live streaming system, enabled those who did not want to travel the facility to source cattle without leaving their farms.   A lager number of buyers chose this option resulting in 38% of the cattle being purchased online.

Stuart and Amanda Durston who created their herd of Friesians, Shorthorns, Ayrshires and crosses were relinquishing the tenancy bringing their Organic herd to the market place.  Another stem of potential purchasers were added by the catalogue highlighting those cattle produced without antibiotics.

A top of 1520gns was achieved twice for a March calving third calver and an autumn calving cow of the same age. 38% of the herd was in its 5th to 11th lactation with 8th lactation calved cows selling for 1000gns.
Incalf heifers due in the spring sold to 1320gns, yearlings to 520gns and heifer calves to 440gns.

With 31 buyers recorded (and numerous others leaving empty handed) from the length and breadth of England and Wales, from Cornwall to Staffordshire and across Carmarthen and many Counties in between the following averages were achieved:

132Cow (all faults including 46 5th lactation and older)£1004
  27Incalf Heifers£989
  11Served Heifers£729
  22Yearling and Younger Heifers£413
  12Heifer Calves£368