The first collective sale of the year of nearly 300 head produced an excellent show of fresh milk and youngstock for 20 Vendors from 8 different Counties to include first time consignors from Kent and Essex.

The day started with second and third lactation Organic milking cows from Coombe Farming selling to 1520gns for a second calver by “Pello” and averaging £1290. These were followed by a consignment of 6 month old heifer calves from Rookhaye Estate which met the best trade seen for over a year selling to 520gns for “Rookhaye Stone Alina” with a PLI of £413 and out of 5 generations of Ex of VG dams.

The collective fresh milk section produced the trade of the day with strong high yielding cows and heifers in demand. Dimond Farming Ltd sold 3 exceptional heifers to average £2201.50 and top the day at 2220gns for “Dorset Mincio Helena” out of a 12,000 kgs VG85 dam. “Dinnaton Modbury Basquiat Ona” the December calved heifer from DC Dennis & Son Ltd sold for 2200gns with others at 2150gns for the same Vendor and 2150gns and 2100gns for Rookhaye Estate, 2120gns and 2050gns  R Puddy & Son and 2050gns for RE & HE Bugler & Partners.

Second calved cows from DC Dennis & Son Ltd sold to 2120gns for “Dinnaton Goldfish Mincio Carmeline VG86” who had calved in December, others for the same Vendor sold for 2020gns. RE & HE Bugler & Partners sold the second calver “Bettiscombe Masterful Pruscilla GP84” for 2050gns. Others to 2000gns for a “Hinton” cow from RD Horton & Son.

Incalf heifers due February to the Hereford were also in demand selling to 1450gns and 1400gns x 4 for GL & FL Robertson to average £1421. The trade for youngstock was the strongest seen for some time with bulling heifers 23 months old from FAW Baker’s  “Kingruss” herd selling to 930gns x 2 and 14 month old heifers from first time consigners Smith Farms Ltd of Essex selling to 920gns from their “Wigboro” herd. Other first time consigners from Kent were the Manford family who sold maiden heifers from their “Hinxden” herd to 780gns x 2.

The sale included the first part of the milking herd dispersal for W Green & Sons “Roundhillsfarm” herd with the September to February calving portion seeing cows selling to 1720gns for the second calver “Roundhillsfarm McCutchen Jeaney” and calved heifers to 1780gns for “Roundhillsfarm Fantasmic Debate”. The March to August calving portion will be sold in the February sale on the 19th February next.
40 successful purchasers from Cornwall to North Wales produced the following averages, an impressive start to the year.

Collective Calved Cows£1822
Collective Calved Heifers£1816
Holstein Incalf Heifers£1377
Jersey Incalf Heifers£  798
Holstein Bulling Heifers£  838
Jersey Bulling Heifers£  433
Heifer Calves£  478
Organic Cows£1290
Cows & Heifers “Roundhillsfarm” Dispersal£1075