No.1 Old toys
From LEGO, toy soldiers or dolls, if someone’s played with it in their childhood, you can guarantee someone wants to collect it. Although those treasured beanie babies won’t necessarily buy you a house, you could realise a tidy sum by selling on your old toys. To give you an idea, we have sold a set of uncarded and playworn Star Wars figures for £480 at our auction house and an Action Man collection of 12 figures went for £580. Marbles were traditionally treasured, traded and fought over, but if you have any rare or handmade ones you could be in luck. A set of 28 handmade marbles from the late 19th and early 20th century, of varying designs and sizes and lovingly encased in a Holforce tin, went under the hammer for £1,700!

No. 2 Postcards
Sending postcards home is a valued pastime for many and a collection of them may be worth money in the auction room. We sold a set of 24 Spanish Civil War propaganda cards, as well as 16 black and white cards showing children of the conflict, which raised £1,500. For an even bigger collection of postcards, a set of merchant and military steamships achieved a huge £1,700. They don’t need to be of specific historical importance, however, as many like to collect postcards of their hometown. For instance, we have sold a large group of Exmoor view postcards for £1,400!

No. 3 Model cars
Model cars never seem to go out of fashion for children of all ages and we’ve sold quite a few of them over our time. Well-known brands are popular at auction, such as these three 1/18 scale Ferrari Formula 1 racing cars for £500. But, as with all collections, the more the merrier and we’ve sold a collection of Formula 1 cars for £8,700! But individual rare cars such as the Beatnik Bandit Hotwheels, produced in hot pink in an attempt to get girls into toy cars, can fetch over £10,000. This is because the model was discontinued, making it very rare and therefore more expensive.

No. 4 Stamps
Collecting stamps is a great past-time and with letters falling out of favour it could be said that they are becoming more of a rarity. We’ve sold a collection of Great Britain and commonwealth assortments, in mint and used condition, for £400. A 19th century and later collection sold for £850, however, this all-world collection from 19th-20th century is the real prize, achieving no less than £1,300! There are a number of factors that affect the value of a stamp. Most important is the condition, unfranked (unused) stamps command a higher price. Interestingly, franking can be a collecting topic of its own for historical or geographical reasons and adds authenticity for special dates. Any rare stamps usually come from production errors and are recalled, so do look out for any mistakes.

No. 5 Tickets
There are a wide variety of tickets that are valuable to collectors. A set of nine 1966 world cup football tickets was sold for £260, and this huge collection of 400 railway tickets from around the world fetched a high price of £1,250. Concert tickets have their own following, which can command high prices for significant events. For instance, if you’ve got a ticket from the Beatles’ last live performance then you may be in for a large windfall.

Whether you’ve got some old toys or stamps to sell at auction, we offer free valuations with our experts every Monday at The Octagon Saleroom in Taunton, from 9am to 1pm, where you can find out just how much your items could be worth at auction.