Silver in all its guises was the star performer at Greenslade Taylor Hunt’s March auction. There were more than 100 lots in the section and many proved irresistible to a range of buyers.

The undoubted highlights were two rare Arts and Crafts silver shaped oval dishes by Gilbert Marks.  Both came from the same local source.

These high calibre pieces attracted a bidding war as a couple of phone lines and intense interest in the room vied for ownership.

The tenacious room bidder emerged victorious and secured both rare dishes. The first, a late Victorian Arts and Crafts silver shaped oval dish by Gilbert Marks bought for £4,000, while the second an Edwardian Arts and Crafts silver shaped oval dish also by Gilbert Marks went for £4,000.

 Gilbert Leigh Marks (1861-1905) was one of the first silversmiths to consciously renounce industrial mass manufacture in favour of handmade craftsmanship. He appears to have had little to do with the Arts and Crafts movement though he shared many of its ideals.

The importance of his body of work (currently thought to number around 500-800 pieces in silver) lies in this ethos and the superb quality of chasing and decoration displayed in his pieces. He is best known for his silver and silver-gilt pieces decorated with naturalistic floral motifs which in some respects reflects a Japanese aesthetic influence prevalent during the last quarter of the 19th Century.

An Edwardian Britannia standard silver wine jug also appeared to salegoers at The Octagon Salerooms, East Reach, Taunton.  This decorative piece was bought for £1,230.

A George III silver shaped oval snuffers tray by Paul Storr went to a phone bidder for £1,100 and a George III silver scissor-action candle snuffers by the same maker sold for £1,000.

A pair of delightful late Victorian cast-silver salt and pepper pots in the form of Punch and Judy sold to a net bidder for £970, while a tiny – just two inches high – pair of 19th Century Dutch cast silver miniature candlesticks went to a room bidder for £500.

A Mid-Victorian silver gilt and turquoise mounted trumpet-shaped posy holder was another solid seller, making £650, while an early Victorian cast silver-gilt “Harlequin” short-candlestick or taper stick went to a net buyer for £970.

Other notable prices included £5,000 for an attractive vintage diamond solitaire ring.

A room bidder was also successful with the purchase of a Rolex, Oyster Perpetual Datejust gentleman’s stainless steel and gilt watch, which sold for £2,500 at The Octagon Salerooms, East Reach, Taunton.