December is in full swing and we barely have time to catch our breath from the whirlwind year of 2019 before having to think about Christmas.

While we love this festive time of year, it’s no secret that it takes a lot of work to pull it off. Fighting through shops, cooking a feast for all the family, and even trying to hide gifts throughout the house!

And while we can’t help with the first two, we’re here to help with the latter.

Laundry Basket & Cleaning Cupboard
Getting kids to help out with the laundry or cleaning can be a near impossible task. Being met with shrugs and “I’ll do it later” means that these parts of your house can be a cavern of secrets and a great place to hide your gifts.

Staying home for Christmas? Great! Pop all your purchases in and zip them away! No one will notice the difference. For extra security, put these suitcases under your bed or up in the loft where no one can stumble upon them.

The Garage
Garages are a great place to hide things in plain sight because it’s just another box! Avoid leaving present in bags, instead, place them in empty cardboard boxes which will help you stack them away in the corner of a room! You could even go one further and arrange with your neighbour to hide presents in each other’s garages, that way if gifts are found, surprises aren’t ruined!

The Underwear Drawer
Let's face it, no one wants to be routing around in your underwear drawer, which it why this is a great hideaway for smaller presents.

The Freezer 
Stay with us on this one. Small gifts such as jewellery or toys can be placed in freezer bags, and hidden under the peas! This one is especially great for kids – just make sure you’ve not got anything hiding behind the ice cream!

One final tip – if you’re really worried about people happening upon their Christmas presents before the big day, try to wrap them before hiding! While people can give them a good shake to try and figure it out, they are less likely to try and open them if it’s ready gift wrapped meaning you can keep the gift a surprise!