J & L Macpherson Ltd.’s dispersal of the milking and incalf heifer portion of their “Beaufort” herd at Sedgemoor Auction Centre on Thursday 16th August drew an impressive crowd of British Friesian enthusiast that reignited the dairy trade with cattle travelling across the British Isles, Cornwall, Carmarthen, Cumbria and all of Ireland.

The “Beaufort” herd is renowned for breeding bulls and it was the yearling bull “Beaufort Kriminal” off the famous “Katja” family with two brothers already at Genus that topped the sale at 3000gns. Other bulls sold to 2800gns for a son of the “Heather” family by “Kirkby Premier” and 2250gns for a “May” son also by “Kirkby Premier”.

Cows also sold to 3000gns for the catalogue cover girl “Goonhilly Chad Verity Ex92” the first “Catlane Chad” heifer to go Ex, she was in her 4th lactation having calved in February. The 2009 born dam of “Beaufort Milkman” at Genus, “Rodbrook Milkmaid 8th BFE92-3E” in her 5th lactation and due again in December sold for 2600gns. An April calved heifer from the “Katja” family classified BFG+80 sold for 2100gns. The June calved heifer “Topman Dinah” sold for 2000gns as did the 4th calver “Hilton Lilac BFE92-2E” who calved in June giving 41.2 kgs. The Ex90 3rd calver “Treludderow Iota Teacup 8th” purchased back in 2017 and calved in February sold for 2000gns.

Incalf heifers sold to 1720gns for “Beaufort Topman Jean” by “Trumpet Topman” and off the BFE90 dam she was due in September to the Hereford, other incalf heifers by “Catlane Chad” from the “Jean” family sold to 1700gns and the “Dazzle” family to 1650gns.

The sale included members of the “Sweet” family for herdsman Steve Green with the May calved VG89 “Fever Sweet” selling for 1950gns and her May 2017 yearling daughter by “Seagull-Bay Silver” for 1000gns.

A day where cattle close to profit along with bulls met the strongest demand and stimulated 50 successful purchasers resulting in the following excellent averages:

191Cows & Heifers (Inc. 3/4 and older cows £1370.00
20Incalf Heifers£1529.33
6Young Bulls£2257.50

  Sweet Family
2Yearling Heifers£918.75
1Heifer Calf£441.00