Owen Setter, Residential manager for our Yeovil office tells us why he much prefers selling houses in the West Country compared with London.

Owen is now six months into his new role here in Somerset, giving him the opportunity to really get to know (and love) the West Country, in particular South Somerset where he works.

Having joined us from a leading London estate agent in January, we thought we’d ask him what he enjoys so much about working down here and what he thinks the main differences are between selling in London and selling here.

“Estate agents enjoy valuing complex properties. Here in the West Country properties vary hugely, not only in makeup but also in age, character and location. One day you could be valuing a town house and the next you could be valuing a Grade II listed cottage. I have discovered so many hidden gems since I started here, it’s been fantastic. No two days are the same and it makes a change from valuing lots of similar flats with identical layouts and few unique features.

I also get the chance to visit so many pretty towns and villages on a daily basis as well as enjoying the stunning countryside and scenery in-between. I mean, who wouldn’t rather get stuck behind the occasional tractor, compared with sitting in London traffic for hours on end?

My commute has greatly improved; instead of a typical 90 minute commute, I am now within 20 minutes of my office. I have a far better work/life balance, giving me the time to take the dog out in the morning before work and on sunny nights even head to the beach and enjoy fish and chips for tea.

The market here feels much healthier and vibrant; when I was leaving London, prices had started to fall and the market was really starting to slow down.

Prices here are continuing to grow at a steady rate and property is still moving. We seem, especially in this area, to have a strong first time buyer market and there is a good demand for new homes.

I couldn’t think of selling anywhere else now. This is a great area to live and work and I love the variety and challenges I get on a daily basis.”

It seems that Owen is not the only one to have made the move to the West Country; more and more people are picking countryside and quality of life over the city. Personally we couldn’t agree with them more!