Can you believe it’s July already? Six months on from when we all complained about the ever-lasting January, and yet somehow, we’re now halfway through the year.

And what a few months it’s been. Every corner of the country has felt the sharp sting of Covid-19, and while we’re not through the woods yet, we are inching closer.

So what about the property market?

Rightmove reported their “busiest ever day” on Wednesday 27th May. With over 6 million visits, they saw an increase of almost 20% more traffic than the same day last year. These astonishing numbers reflect the desire of many to get moving again, and the South West has seen some of the biggest interest in the country.

These visitor numbers are made up of all the buyers and sellers who saw their property journeys put on hold with the announcement of lockdown, as well as a lot of new buyers entering the arena. Rightmove found that 28% of people who weren’t planning a move before the crisis have now decided to enter the market.

Rightmove’s Commercial Director and Housing Market Analyst, Miles Shipside, said: “Usually we record our busiest days of the year in January and February and almost never when there is warm weather, so the combination of pent-up demand being released, new people entering the market and no half-term holidays during lockdown has led to this late spring boost.”

So why are people choosing to move now? 

The decision to move is no small thing. Every reason is as individual as the people making the choice. Factors can range from job relocation, to up- or down-sizing to fit the family’s needs. But what we are also seeing now is not just a desire for a different pace of life but the action to make it happen.

Something the West Country can offer is a more peaceful way of life. Larger gardens, close links to beauty spots, shorter commutes, and an abundance of space to slow things down are a vast difference from the electric buzz of a town or city.

In addition, with many jobs becoming more adaptable to home-working, the opportunity for a quieter life has been opened up to many more.

With the UK being house-bound for over 10 weeks, the public have been split down the middle. Some are choosing to make changes to their homes, big and small, while others are realising that their property just can’t offer them what they need anymore.

Lockdown has given us all the chance to look at every inch of our homes (whether we wanted to or not!) and consider if we are happy with the walls in which we live.

It’s this combination that has made many who thought they were content with their property to decide to move, and a lot of them are deciding that the South West is for them.

So what does all this mean? 

It means that the property market here in the South West has started to bounce back. Offers are still reflecting a property’s true value (read our article about pricing after lockdown here), keen buyers are around, and sellers are more ready than ever.

Many agencies are reporting a ‘pent-up demand’ and that is definitely what our agents are feeling across Devon, Dorset and Somerset.

Interestingly, Rightmove has compared property detail views on their platform over the lockdown period compared to the same period in 2019. Predictably, interest plummeted at the height of lockdown, but as restrictions lifted, some startling figures emerged.

Taking GTH’s territory postcodes as an example, TA (Somerset) and EX (Devon) properties reached 65% and 73% higher detail views respectively by 3rd July 2020 and DT (Dorset) postcodes also saw a dramatic rise of 72% more property detail views.

This is encouraging for sellers and for those looking to buy in our areas. Properties are in good supply and prices remain stable, with buyers keen to not miss out on their dream home.

If you have any property related questions, or want to start your journey today, contact your local team at for helpful and realistic advice.