You’ve made the decision to sell, so what’s next? 

Getting your house ‘sale-ready’ is a vital step on your moving journey. Showing off your home in its best light will greatly increase your chances of achieving your desired price, as well as a speedy sale.

Our agents are on hand to give you advice on how to best stage your homes for viewings. This can be anything from general decorations to moving the sofas. But what can you do to get a head start on this?

  • Neutral is best
    Having bold paints for striking feature walls can be a wonderful statement piece, but they’re not for everyone. They can be distracting from the space itself and can turn people away from seeing the room for what it is. Darker colours can also make the room appear smaller. Giving your walls a fresh coat of neutral paint will immediately make the room feel larger and lighter. It also give viewers the space to imagine themselves in your home. You don’t have to spend a fortune on redoing the rooms, as many buyers want to decorate when they move in. A few coats of magnolia or white to cover darker walls can be enough.

  • Storage nooks
    It can be the easiest way to clean the clutter from a room; throw it in the cupboard and forget about it for another day. But potential buyers will likely want to have a snoop around built-in storage space. Start by giving these spaces a complete overhaul to make them easier to maintain throughout the viewing process. Tidying these places will aid viewers to see how the space can be utilised, and adding another tick in their boxes. It will also help you prepare for the packing process. You can read more about how to pack for a move here.

  • Use the room right
    Presenting an empty room can cause confusion with potential buyers, as their imagination can hit pause when they don’t see a room in use. If you have an unused ground floor room, such as a dining room, or study, make sure that you’ve given it some purpose. Pop in a spare dining table or a desk to show how the room could be used. Doing this helps allows them to see in their mind’s eye how they might want to use a space.

  • Exterior is essential
    Often a forgotten part of the viewings is how people see your home from the outside. Potential buyers will often sit in their car outside for a short while before coming inside, and if it’s looking rather tired, you’re not starting the viewing on the best foot. Sometimes giving the paint work a wash is enough, but where needed, touch up faded or chipped paintwork. Give the exterior a clean to free the doorways of cobwebs and dirt. Where possible, add some greenery to the outside to help finish it off.

  • Prepare for staging
    You might hear your agent talk about ‘staging’ your property. This can be anything from the earlier point of ‘use the room right’ to adding decoration to your home. Though not vital, staging your home helps to maximise its assets, helping rooms appear bigger, finished to a higher standard, and more liveable. Having new, dry towels on standby to lay in the bathroom, fluffy duvets to through over your existing one, and mirrors in thin hallways are all small ways add to the overall ‘feel’ of your home.

As always, speak to your agent about how to get your home sale ready, as they will be able to identify ways specific to your property.

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