Viewings are an important step to selling your home. Though not always the case, it’s great to have many booked in as it’s likely your buyer will be somewhere in the queue. But these viewings can take over an already busy lifestyle, and fast become a hassle.

Making sure the rooms are clean and tidy, the exterior is in tip top shape, and staging each room as though it’s a home-ware catalogue can seem impossible to get right every time.

The reality is, many of us just don’t have the time to do this for every viewing.

Luckily, there are ways around it.

These tips are for those last minute tidy sessions before viewings, so if you’re looking for information on how to get your property sale ready, read our article here.

  • Love your car boot!
    Avoid throwing the daily clutter inside built-in storage areas. Its likely potential viewers will want to see these spaces, and they will see your last minute attempt of tidying. Instead, use areas such as freestanding cupboards, drawers and wardrobes, or better yet, the boot of your car!

  • Don't get boxed in!
    Viewers will expect to see boxes around the house, so don’t feel the need to hide any evidence of your move. But do consider how the boxes can affect the look and the feel of a room. Keep your packing boxes out of already small rooms, as cluttering the floors will make the room appear even smaller. If you can, keep boxes in larger, open-plan areas. Try stacking a couple of boxes to avoid taking up unnecessary floor space.

  • Furnish it right!
    You don’t need to refurnish your home just for viewings. Potential buyers are interested in your house, not the contents! But it does help to have a neatly staged home in order help people picture themselves in your home. Use clean, soft blankets to cover up worn looking sofas, plants to brighten up windowsills, dry towels in the bathroom, and even adding a new duvet cover on stop of your current one just for viewings. Having these items on standby means you can stage your home in minutes.

  • Hide the dishes!
    Life doesn’t stop when you’re selling your home, so it’s a given that your home will appeared lived in. But the kitchen can often make or break the sale of your property, so it’s vital you get it in tip-top condition. If you have a dishwasher, make sure it’s loaded with all the dirty dishes that may be lingering on the sides. If you don’t, neatly place them in the sink and hide them under the washing up bowl. Avoid having dirty tea-towels on show, and ensure the work surfaces are as clear as possible to show the space off. Just remember – don’t hide clutter in the cupboard, they may want to check them out!

  • Clear the halls!
    Above all else, first impressions count. So it’s vital that any hallways, passages, or boot-rooms that you have to walk though first should be kept as clear as possible. Put away to billowing coats and the pile of trip-inducing clutter of shoes. Letting your potential buyers navigate their way through the clutter right at the beginning can tar their views on the house they have barley seen. Give them the sense of space from the beginning, and they will be likely to carry that feeling through to every room. They’ll also leave the property on a good note too.

Owen Setter, Residential Manager at our Yeovil offices says, “At the end of the day, during the ‘viewing stage’ you have to be living there, and people want to see how they can live in a home. Keep clean and tidy, and free of clutter, but don’t worry about getting the furniture polish out before every viewing!”

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