Advice on the viewings to accept.

Viewings are perhaps one of the most straightforward aspects to selling your home. People walk through your front door to take a look at a home they might just want to make their own.

But too often are vendors turning away these vital viewings on the basis that the potential buyer isn’t ‘proceedable’. Proceedable viewers are those in a position to move. For example; first time buyers, renters, or people whose property is sale agreed, to name a few.

Christina Gross, Residential Negotiator at our Taunton office, “We see it regularly, where the vendor turns away viewings because they want a speedy sale, and non-proceedable buyers are a huge red flag for them.”

This is because for many, a proceedable buyer is a desirable buyer, as this indicates that they will be quicker and possibly more reliable. But Christina explains why this isn’t always the case:
“Non-proceedable buyers can be more motivated. I’ve seen many buyers who fall in love with a property, and will move mountains to sell their property quickly!”

By pricing their house competitively to sell fast, making better offers on your property and being more likely to see the sale through, these viewers have so much potential to achieve a speedy and successful sale on your property.

However, it’s not just about trying to find the right buyer that allowing viewings from all can benefit you. Having more viewings lined up can help when it comes to offer negotiation.

Agents will always try to get the right price for the property, taking into account your requirements. But having a property that is extremely popular is always a point to encourage higher offers. It’s a simple opportunity too many are turning away.

Christina adds, “We completely understand the hassle viewings can bring. Having to tidy specifically for a viewer who isn’t in a position to move can be incredibly frustrating. But it can also lead to a successful sale!”

There are ways to make viewings a little easier and avoid interrupting day-today life. Read our guide on how to prepare your house for the last-minute viewings here.

It only takes one buyer to sell your property, but don’t make the mistake of turning away people who want to see your home – the buyer could be among them! Christina’s says: “My advice it’s a tough market keep your doors open to everyone!”

Looking to buy or sell? Contact your local office and see how they can help you on your property journey today.