With the reduction in farming subsidies over the course of the next few years as we proceed through the Agricultural Transition Period, many farmers and landowners will be looking at their assets to see where they can add value.

There are a number of permitted development rights available to landowners, which can be used in order to change the use of a building and generate an additional income. One of the most common permitted development rights used is what is known as Class Q rights for the conversion of agricultural buildings to residential dwellings.

To qualify the building must have been in agricultural use on the 20 March 2013. Furthermore, the conversion works to the building must be “reasonably necessary” for the building to function as a dwelling house, and in structural terms the building must be capable of functioning as a dwelling.

Class Q rights are not available on any buildings which are Listed or situated within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty or Conservation Areas. Secondly, Class R rights are also available which allows for the conversion of agricultural buildings to a flexible commercial use. You can convert up to 150 square metres by simply informing the Local Planning Authority of your intention to convert to an alternative use.

If you are carrying out any operational development to the building then a full planning application may be required. There are many more permitted development rights which may be available and here at Greenslade Taylor Hunt, we have a specialist team of in house architects and planning consultants who would be able to assist farmers and landowners on unlocking the potential of some unused assets.  

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