For me, sailing is an escape. The sense of peace you feel when you are in the middle of a calm sea with just the sound of birds and lapping water is simply wonderful.  

I’ve only been sailing for around a year, ever since we bought the ‘Lauran of Hamble’, a Contessa 32, built in 1983. My partner has sailing in his blood and has always had a boat of some description; from small dinghy’s right through to yachts. I am still learning the ropes – literally - but it’s great fun and I’m really enjoying the new adventure.  

We are spoilt for choice

After always having a love for the water, sailing felt like a natural progression. Whilst at University in Bournemouth I learnt to stand up paddleboard (SUP). Now I get to combine it with sailing and there is nothing more perfect then anchoring up near a beautiful coastline and being able to explore it up close.  

No matter where you live in the West Country the coast is easily accessible, which means we are spoilt for choice. What makes it even more ideal is the fact that it’s on the English Channel, which means the waters are slightly more sheltered and marginally warmer than the neighbouring seas. This, coupled with the stunning scenery and the obvious draw of the Jurassic coastline, makes it a wonderful place to sail.  

My favourite place to sail is Worbarrow Bay, it’s fairly quiet, meaning I get to SUP and explore closer to the cliffs. There are several beaches along this section of coast including Worbarrow beach, Tyneham Beach in Worbarrow Bay and Man O’War beach in Mupe Bay. From working in the residential office in Yeovil, I often find myself checking out the amazing houses dotted along the coast as we go.  

I am hoping that in the near future we can explore even further afield, but for now I am continuing to explore the vast coast that we have on our doorstep.

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