Men who work outdoors such as gardeners, builders and farmers are particularly vulnerable to  suffering sunburn and thus increasing the danger of contracting skin cancer.

NHS England South has launched a “Cover Up Mate” campaign to target  men, who are much less likely than women to slap on sunscreen.

The South West is a particular hot spot for skin cancer with the numbers of people with malignant melanoma much higher than the national picture.

Robert Venner, of Greenslade Taylor Hunt, said: “"I know too many older farmers who have undergone or are undergoing treatment for skin cancer. We all love to see the sun, particularly after a long winter but even though it cheers us up when it comes, we have to be aware of the dangers it brings as well."

The advice is to use at least factor 15 sunscreen and plenty of it. Make sure you apply sunscreen to all exposed skin – don’t forget neck, ears and head if you have thinning hair or are bald!

Wearing sunglasses and a hat also helps. Be particularly careful if you have fair skin, moles or freckles.

For more details on the campaign visit the NHS Choices website.