Planning experts at Greenslade Taylor Hunt have welcomed the Government’s revised National Planning Policy Framework, which puts the emphasis on delivering housing and offers new opportunities for much-needed homes.

The guidelines urge local planning authorities to determine applications as quickly as possible, while the Housing Delivery Test is designed to increase the number of homes actually built in an area rather than how many are planned for.

From this November councils will have a new standard methodology for assessing housing need to increase the number of homes delivered each year.

GTH planning consultant Claire Alers-Hankey said: “The long awaited publication of the revised National Planning Policy Framework has set out a number of revisions to the previous version, with a focus on housing delivery. There are a number of opportunities for housing development in various locations, including rural areas and villages, small and medium sized sites and brownfield land. Also of interest is a standardised methodology for assessing housing need, and greater accountability for local planning authorities to deliver on their housing targets. High design standards are also referred to as an essential part of the planning process.

“The NPPF also places significant weight in the Neighbourhood Planning process, providing communities with the means to influence planning and development at a local level.”

The revised National Planning Policy Framework sets out the government’s planning policies for England and how these are expected to be applied.

If you would like advice on any aspect of the new framework or planning matters in general please contact the experienced team at Greenslade Taylor Hunt on 01823 334466.