A council’s failure to demonstrate a deliverable five-year housing plan is one of the main reasons a planning inspector has ruled in favour of a development at Nailsea, near Bristol.

Planning Inspector D.M. Young said: “There would be social benefits from the provision of up to 450 new dwellings – 30 per cent of which would be affordable. This is the weightiest factor in the overall balance.

“The appeal site is available, developable and the appellants have demonstrated a willingness to bring the site forward in a timely fashion.”

The decision paves the way for the development of 450 homes at land North of Youngwood Lane and East of Netherton Wood Lane, Nailsea.

The successful appeal by Mactaggart and Mickel Homes Ltd against North Somerset Council has potential implications for other possible development sites in the area and beyond.

North Somerset Council is not the only authority that cannot demonstrate a deliverable five-year housing plan, which is a statutory requirement.

In a planning appeal in Mid Devon earlier this year the inspector in that case cast doubt on Mid Devon Council’s current five-year housing land supply figures, while in South Somerset the council is consulting on future planning proposals.

However in South Somerset Initial investigations show there is a shortfall in land supply for housing in the district. The council will need to be able to demonstrate a land supply capable of delivering 5,873 dwellings in the next five years, or an annual completion rate of 1,175 dwellings. This is significantly higher than the development industry has managed to deliver in the district each year since 2006.

Therefore there is an opportunity for developers and landowners to put forward potential sites for housing that the council may not have previously considered or ruled out.

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