More and more people are being inspired to build their own homes – whether it’s a full scale “grand design” or just something individual to call their own.

Nearly a third of adults are interested in designing and building their own home according to research by the National Custom and Self Build Association (NaCSBA).

Tapping into this demand Sedgemoor District Council has launched a consultation into its policy on self -build and custom build options.

Sedgemoor is committed to facilitating those wishing to build their own homes and unlocking the potential of the custom build industry.

Interested parties, from individuals to developers and local communities, have until May 12, 2021 to comment on the document.

The Self-Build and Custom Build Homes Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) will set out further guidance on the interpretation of self-build policies included in the Sedgemoor Local Plan (2011-2032).

This is important as when adopted it will become a key consideration for planning decisions. The focus will also include infill housing in the countryside. However this will be small scale with up to four homes considered and each scheme viewed on its merits.

This marks quite a shift in planning policy, away from restrictive policies for rural villages and hamlets towards an enabling approach for appropriate development in the more rural areas of the district.

“Currently there are approximately 260 individuals on Sedgemoor’s self and custom build register and there is a need to identify suitable sites to meet existing and future demand for plots across the district, “ said Russell Williams, Associate in our Development Land and Planning department.

The firm has expertise in navigating individuals through the self-build process from preparing pre-application documentation to achieve planning permissions to project managing sites.

In order to qualify for self/custom building individuals must register with Sedgemoor District Council. Connections to a particular area are considered when determining an application.

Enabling self and custom building provides an important opportunity to bring more choice to the housing market. It allows people to design and build homes that meet their specific needs.

The council is keen to encourage good design and sustainable construction. It has a range of potential advantages that means it can complement traditional mainstream developer models, such as potentially lower development costs, increased housing choice, more diversity of supply, and more use of local suppliers/trades.

To comment on the proposals visit the council’s online consultation portal or email or write to Self-Build and Custom Build SPD, Planning Policy - Strategy and Development, Sedgemoor District Council, Bridgwater House, King Square, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA6 3AR

If you would like to see how GTH can help with your plans, whether self build or a bespoke project please call 01823 334466.