How has summer trade been for Greenslade Taylor Hunt?
I am delighted to report that the market for GTH, right across our  14-office network stretching from Devon to Dorset, has been extremely  busy throughout the summer, both in terms of new instructions and sales  agreed.  As a result, this has been our busiest period in South Molton  since opening the office two and a half years ago.

Can you give an example of a recent successful sale?
We have just sold two properties in Croyde, which was great to get  involved in one of the most sought after coastal villages in North  Devon.  The instruction was quite unusual because it involved a pair of  cottages which had been in the same family since the 1930s.  Situated on  the desirable Moor Lane, both cottages required improvement and were  set in a fantastic large mature garden.  We offered the cottages for  sale individually or as a pair and I am delighted to report that they  remain together, having been sold at a figure well in excess of the  £750,000 guide price.

Has the weather helped boost the market?
Undoubtedly, the weather does influence activity in the property  market, everybody feels better when the sun is shining.  I am convinced  that the lovely summer has had a significant impact in getting the  phones ringing and encouraging activity, especially on the more rural  properties and those with land.

How does this compare to the last few years?
Clearly, the sign of a general recovery in the UK economy has  resulted in more optimism and confidence in the property market.  The UK  certainly appears to now be moving out of recession and in my opinion  this is being directly reflected in the number of new purchasers’ we  have registering with us.

What are prices like in North Devon?
We are hearing numerous reports in the press of rising house prices,  which is primarily being driven by London and the South East.  I do not  feel that prices are increasing in North Devon as yet and it is  important to keep our feet on the ground and value sensibly in what is  still a very price-sensitive market.  Nevertheless, we are seeing a lot  more people now looking to move into the area, especially from London  and the Home Counties where the market appears to be particularly  strong.  Fortunately, we live in an extremely desirable part of the  country and if the recovery continues then it is hopefully only a matter  of time before that ripple effect spreads out from the south east.

What are your hopes for the rest of the year?
We always seem to have a strong autumn property market here in North  Devon and my hopes for this autumn are extremely optimistic.
Richard Webber is a Partner at Greenslade Taylor Hunt in South Molton  Tel: 01769 574500