This week our Sherborne residential office was thanked for their hard work in the form of a review posted in All Agents. In it, Richard Stubbert, Miranda Cridland and Hamish Dalziel were praised for their  ‘help, support and sheer hard work’ in the sale of a property. The full review by Sue Richards and Stephen Smith is below:

“Having just exchanged on the sale of our property, my partner and I have been absolutely delighted with the advice, help, support and sheer hard work offered to us by GTH at Sherborne. We responded to a card which they put through our door in  January, and I contacted them even though at the time I was contemplating using an online agent. GTH advised me not to, saying that it could cost us the sale as the online agents are focused on getting an offer rather than giving support throughout the whole process. This proved to be totally correct, because although we accepted an offer almost as soon as GTH started marketing our house (which was in February), we were in a long chain and there were lots of setbacks. At one time the first time buyer at the beginning of the chain pulled out,  and later on, there was a sad death of a family member which necessitated a long wait for grant of probate.

Our buyer used a well-known online agent and they were kept in the dark throughout. The only way any of us in the chain were kept updated was through the staff at GTH. They chased other agents and solicitors without being prompted which was wonderful, and because of this we all somehow managed to stay sane.

Their customer service is exemplary. Every time we phoned there was someone to talk to who was up to date  with the latest progress, whereas when my buyer contacted their online  agent, they were put through to a call centre and spoke to a different person each time, none of whom appeared to have the slightest knowledge of how their sale was progressing.

There were five of us in the chain, and the only way any of us knew what was happening and were kept updated was by GTH. They would find out the latest and I then passed this on down the chain.

GTH is the best company of any type, not just estate agents, that I've ever dealt with and I will be telling everyone how fantastic they are.”

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We pride ourselves on the support we give all our customers, and our Sherborne office is a shining example of this.

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