It can be difficult looking for a home to rent if you have a pet but Greenslade Taylor Hunt (GTH) may have the perfect [or should that be “pawfect”?] answer for landlords and tenants alike.

Many landlords are nervous of taking on tenants with pets. However, they are missing out on a growing number of potential tenants. It is estimated that 40% of households in the UK own a pet, and 4.2 million households live in privately rented accommodation.

Now lettings experts GTH are taking the lead in this field by strengthening their pet policy to give peace of mind to both landlords and tenants.

Pet owners are aware that finding properties that will accept pets can be tricky so they are often looking for longer tenancies – great news for landlords as it should mean fewer void periods.

Just because a landlord is willing to accept pets, does not mean they must accept all pets. GTH recommends that landlords consider all tenants and their pets on an individual basis.

A clear pet clause written into the tenancy agreement provides peace of mind for landlords. GTH has compiled a comprehensive pet addendum to cover all eventualities – throughout the tenancy and for when it comes to an end.

For further reassurance the landlord can have the property managed. This is a useful service provided by GTH where regular checks of the property are carried out. This is particularly important at the start of a tenancy as it will identify any issues with the pet early on and efforts can be made to remedy any concerns.

There is a definite shortage of pet friendly properties so, by accepting tenants and their four-legged friends, landlords can increase demand for their properties and attract longer term responsible tenants.

A current campaign by the Dogs Trust is promoting the benefits of ‘Lets with Pets’. According to their survey:
  • Pet owners can take up to seven times longer to rent a home compared to non-pet owners.
  • One in three pet owners could not find a suitable property that would accept their pet.
 If you are a landlord who would consider offering “pet friendly” properties please contact Tilly Horrocks MARLA and her team at the Yeovil office of GTH on 01935 411111.