In line with the UK government last year, many local authorities in the Southwest have declared a “climate emergency,” recognising that drastic change is needed if we are to achieve the target of net-zero carbon emissions by 2040.  

With this, we have seen a shift in activity in the renewable energy sector, fuelled partly by changing attitudes to climate change and partly by significant leaps in technology (for example, cheaper and more efficient photovoltaic panels enabling a “subsidy-free solar” world to emerge).  

Graeme Biffen, Partner with GTH, notes: "Many local authorities are now preparing and consulting on policies and strategies to address carbon reduction and energy security, and it is recognised that such policies have the ability to not only assist with carbon reduction, but can also provide wider economic and social benefits."

Those with potentially suitable land for renewable energy schemes may have already been approached by developers, and it is crucial that they seek appropriate professional advice at as early a stage as possible.

For those landowners with existing large-scale renewable energy installations, there are also opportunities to sell freehold sites, as a number of investors are in the marketplace willing and able to acquire sites at relatively low yields, presenting significant capital receipts for sellers.  Those interested in selling, or who have been approached by investors, are strongly advised to take professional advice, including importantly tax advice.

If you have been approached by a developer or investor, are interested in selling an existing site, or if you have land that may be suitable for renewable energy development, please contact 01392 908777 or email: for a no obligation initial discussion.