Photography plays a major role in marketing your property. No longer do buyers want a quick point-and-click photo to show the layout of the room, they want to be wowed.

Whether they find your property on Rightmove, our website or in the window of one of our offices, it’s the photos that are going to convince them your property might be for them, so it’s worth putting in the effort to get it right.

While the photographer will know the best angles and lighting, there are things you can do to help make the most of the shoot. Here are our tips:

Plump those cushions
Accessories finish the rooms - especially comfort rooms like lounges and bedrooms. Small details you should remember can include: plumping some life into your cushions, flattening out bedding and throws to give a luxury look, staging clean towels in the bathroom, and polishing glass and mirrors will really finish off every room.

Cut the clutter
Clutter is part of daily life. Whether it’s random piles of letters, toys spilling into every room, or the “I’ll move it later” collection of everything on top of the fridge - we all have them. But clutter is not only distracting, it could indicate that the property does not have adequate storage. The more open you can make a space feel the bigger it will appear on camera. Creating a clutter-free, minimalistic environment will also help buyers visualise themselves in your home.
Bonus: it helps with the packing process too! You can read our top packing tips here.

Consider a lick of paint
No one wants to redecorate a house that they are selling, but it can definitely be worth doing early on - so why not get it ready for the photos? Dark feature walls, torn wallpaper and yellowing doors can give the impression of a tired house, and trust us, people notice in the photos. Sprucing up the walls and doors where needed can help your house look ready-to-move into from the first impression.

Little details
These ideas aren’t as vital, but can definitely make a difference. Putting out fresh flowers or zingy green houseplants on your side tables, cleverly placing a cookbook in your kitchen, laying up your dining table and hanging up hats on coat hooks are all tricks that you can use to make your home look as inviting as possible. Take inspiration from show home photos from new home developments. These homes are staged by professionals to give that dreamy I-wish-I-could-live-there feel, and it really works!

You can read our article on how to stage a bathroom here.

Don’t forget the outside

It's easy to focus on getting the inside of your house clean and tidy for the photos, but what about the garden? Mow the lawn, neaten any overgrown shrubbery, brush the leaves off the path and wash down any particularly dirty walls or paving. It’s important to do this even in the winter months to show your garden or outdoor area is great anytime of the year.

Let there be light
No matter how incredible your rooms are, dim lighting will not show them off. You may be limited with what you can do here, and we don't expect you to whip up a few new windows, however, ensuring rooms are well lit, whether it be naturally or with staged lighting, will make a real difference. Throw open the curtains and blinds as wide or high as they will go. If you're really struggling to find natural light, we recommend replacing yellow or broken bulbs for white bulbs, and open your doors to share any light between rooms.