The current run of dairy cow sales continued with the dispersal of Fordham & Allen’s “Chalvington” herd of straw yard dairy cows and incalf heifers at Sedgemoor Auction Centre on Tuesday 8th May.
Purchasers from Cornwall to Wales made the most of this opportunity to secure cattle from this much admired autumn calving herd. Second calvers by “Deangate Quentin” due in September sold to 1800gns for “Chalvington Doris 36th” with September calved heifers due again in September by “Deangate Tarquin” Selling for 1700gns for “Helen 32nd” and Daffodil 24th” by Winnoch Umpire”. Third calvers by “Deangate Quentin” being “Clarissa 72nd” sold for 1650gns.
The herd’s use of Friesian sires had produced very compact lasting cows with excellent udders and whilst their straw yard status may have deterred a lot of potential purchasers the cows and the incalf heifers met an excellent trade with many potential purchasers leaving empty handed. The 46 incalf heifers sold were due from September to November to the Pedigree Hereford and topped the day at 1600gns for “Emily 31st” who was sired by “Winnoch Umpire” and out of a 13,000kgs dam. Two others by the same sire and from the “Charity” and “Prudence” families sold to 1550gns as did “Daffodil 26th” by “Skyhigh Patrol”. Most of the heifers travelled into Wales to three purchasers.
The 153 milking cows and heifers sold averaged £1129 and the 46 heifers £1466 giving an average for the 199 head sold of £1207.