The 10th anniversary of Sedgemoor Auction Centre was celebrated on Tuesday 16th January 2018 with the largest ever dispersal sale of dairy cattle at the centre. Over 500 head were catalogued by joint Auctioneers Greenslade Taylor Hunt and Stags for GFL Dairy Ltd where a consistent trade for both fresh and off lying dairy cows and heifers was achieved.

An August calved heifer that had been served again in December sold for 1600gns with her calf at foot achieving 400gns. It was an October second calver, served in December that topped the sale at 1900gns. A November second calver sold to 1800gns and a December calved heifer to 1750gns.

Incalf heifers due June to the Holstein sold to 1320gns, 1280gns and 1260gns. Recently served heifers sold to 860gns. Bulling heifers sold to 770gns with yearlings and heifer calves to 500gns.
51 successful purchasers from across the West and Wales generated the following averages for this non-recorded herd of cows and heifers:

191Dairy Cows & Heifers (Inc A Lots)£1323.00
  40High SCC & Older Cows£618.45
  18Incalf Heifers£1080.00
  35Served Heifers£795.00
152Maiden Heifers£480.00
  51Heifer Calves£315.00