With the current weather situation looking negative but a positive looking autumn milk price it was evident at auctioneers Greenslade Taylor Hunt’s Annual Top 10% Collective Sale that buyers were keen on heavy producing cows and heifers.

A shorter supply of freshly calved animals saw a top priced heifer at 2600gns being “Bettiscombe Iota Tabitha” who was giving 38kgs daily, same vendors, RE & HE Bugler & Partners also sold heifers to 2000gns by “Supersire”.

Cows were the trade of the day to 2050gns for the stylish “Clenchers Deman Janice” who was fresh with her second and giving 52kgs, she was from Herefordshire based Rea and Son. Roland & Simon Bugler were at the top end again with “Bettiscombe Asterix Welcome” and “Bettiscombe Hunger Pinkie” both second calvers achieving 2000gns Other vendors with cows to 1800gns twice was PJ Andrews “Beneknowle”.

Two bulls were keenly sought to a top price of the day of 2850gns for Oakroyal Debate, a “Grafeeti” from the” Dellia” family. At 2000gns was the “Superstar” son, “Stowey Chancellor”, from the “Larcrest Cosmopolitan” family.

Incalf heifers sold to 1550gns for PJ Andrew’s, “Beneknowle Silver Satin” who was due in September and had a PLI in the top 10% of the breed. Others to 1500gns twice for the same vendors.

Bulling heifers sold to 880gns three times for heifers from the “Allerways” herd all in the top 10% PLI in the breed up to a top of £500 PLI by “Cogent Bill”. Yearlings to 780gns for “Steventon Cosworth Candle” who again has a PLI in the top 10% of the breed.

Off lying and stale cows out of their calving block for Ford partners sold to 1150gns.

The day saw cattle sold across England and Wales and Northern Ireland to 31 different buyers and the following creditable averages:

Freshly Calved Cows£1883
Calved Heifers£1716
Incalf Heifers£1505
Pedigree Bulling Heifers£777
Pedigree Yearlings£667
Non-Pedigree Bulling and Yearling Heifers£542
Heifer Calves£278