Mid-Summer Collective Dairy Sale

Quality was in demand at the Mid-Summer Collective Sale at Sedgemoor Auction Centre on Tuesday 19th June where 6 sold in excess of £2000.

A good entry encouraged a good crowd of buyers to top at 2100gns for “Bettiscombe Supersire Neta” a second calver from regular consigner Roland and Simon Bugler of Bridport, Dorset. Other cows from “Bettiscombe” sold to 2000gns and 1900gns.

Heifers sold to 2050gns x2 for “Swallowdale Pepper Sunbeam 31st” for CJ Elmes of Swindon and “Bettiscombe Mogul Sher 2nd”.

Incalf heifers sold to 1680gns for “Oldhurst Zeber Helma” from RC & HA Gallop’s continued dispersal, the same Vendor also sold a heifer for 1550gns. Other Vendors R & J Targett sold to 1350gns for “Carymoor Boxer Tulip”.

A bumper late entry of 70 calves sold to 500gns twice for December born heifers by “Firewall” and “Titan” from the “Steanbow” herd of Shepton Mallet, Somerset.

SV & EM Lee dispersed their commercial Friesian and Ayrshire herd which calved all year round selling to 1320gns for a second lactation Friesian cow that calved in March. Ayrshires topped at 1300gns for the April calved “Hilltown Oblique” daughter.

A large crowd throughout with 37 successful purchasers from Cornwall to Carmarthen and a large amount of interest from Gloucestershire saw the following creditable averages.

Calved Cows£1,929
Calved Heifers£1,727
Incalf Heifers£1,306
Bulling Heifer£722
Heifer Calves£339
Lee Dispersal:
Calved & Incalf Cows & Heifers£978
Incalf Heifers£1,227

Commercial cows to 2050gns on farm at Chippenham

Auctioneers Greenslade Taylor Hunt’s run of dairy sales continued on farm on Tuesday 12th June for ARJ Corp & Sons at Sheldon Farm, Chippenham, Wiltshire.

The demand for fresh milk was maintained with the commercial non-recorded cows selling to 2050gns for an April 2nd calver by “Delta Atlantic” and 2000gns for a May 2nd calver by “Orchard Lawn Altatahoe”.

Youngstock was also an impressive trade with an incalf heifer by “Woodmarsh Asterix” and due September to the Aberdeen Angus selling for 1480gns.

Recently served heifers by “Bouw Rocky” sold to 1350gns. Bulling heifers by “Bouw Rocky” made 840gns x 3 and yearling heifers by “Peak Mr Grey” to 800gns.

The 5 year old Aberdeen Angus bull “Standlynch Emilio” sold for 1700gns and the 5 year old Hereford bull “Cleveland 1 Kane” for 1550gns.

This was another well-attended dairy sale that saw purchasers chasing young summer/ autumn milking cows and heifers and with the likelihood of a shortage of followers in the system, with so many herds adopting a “flying herd” status, the trade for younger cattle continues to rise. Older cows or animals with discrepancies continue to only make killing price or lower.

The following averages for the unofficially recorded commercial herd proved excellent.

144 Cows (including grazing cows)


2 Bulls


4 Incalf Heifers


11 Served Heifers


13 Bulling Heifers


25 Yearling & Younger Heifers