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5 Tips On: Staging your Bathroom for Viewings

The bathroom may not seem like the most appealing room in the house, but did you know that it’s not just the kitchen that can make or break a sale? The bathroom can often be a huge factor in swaying a buyer into wanting to put an offer in on your home.

Why is this? Well bathrooms can be very expensive to replace. It can be easy to mistake a tired bathroom, for a room in need of bit renovation. 

You may wonder what you can do to a bathroom to give it a face lift other than completely remodelling it, but ponder no more, here are 5 tips on how to stage your bathroom for those important viewings.
  1. Clean, dry towels - Put away the towels you used this morning. Setting out freshly laundered towels can lift the room. If you’re towels have seen better days, consider buying new ones just for the viewings. Choose brighter, happy colours like greens or oranges, this will infuse a bit of life into the room. The same goes if you have a shower curtain. Have a fresh one on standby so you can swap it out for your damp one on viewing days.
  2. Organised toiletries - Of course the people viewing your home will understand that you may still be living and using the rooms, but what can be an eye sore is stacks of forgotten toiletries spilled around the bathtub. For a quick fix, put your toiletries in a draw and out of view. If you have shower caddies or bathroom storage, just organise your toiletries neatly. Try to match colours of the products with your towels for some bonus points.
  3. Potted plants - Not everyone is a fan of having plants in the bathroom, but you don’t need to have your Gran’s old spider plant in the corner of the bath. Start by adding one or two small potted plants, you can pick these up from supermarkets and garden centres on the cheap. Place them on your tidy surfaces to add a fresh, organic feel. If you have a windowsill, place a plant in front of the window as the natural light will complement the fresh colours.
  4. Dry sink and shower  - Of course your bathroom is likely still be a fully functioning part of your home for the duration of the sale. Having water residue and puddles still in the sink and tub can detract from any cleaning efforts you’ve put it. Drying them up just before the viewing will help give your bathroom that showroom feeling. Also look out for water-scum build up on the grout of your tiles. this can make the tiles look old and may be a cause for concern for some buyers. An easy way to clean this to scrub some bathroom cleaner or white vinegar directly on the affected areas with an old toothbrush. 
  5. Cover up mould stains - Unfortunately, mould is a common problem in bathrooms. The combination of moister and heat is a playground for the bacteria, and no matter how much you ventilate you room, sometimes there is just no escaping the issue. If you suffer with problem areas where mould builds up over time, potential buyers can run for the hills thinking that the house might have damp problems. These kind of doubts are avoidable, however. Treat the mould if you haven’t already, and once you’ve cleaned down the walls, give the room a lick of fresh paint. No major expense needs to be spent doing this, and it can improve the overall look of your bathroom majorly. Stick to light and soft colours as this will make the space seem larger.

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