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Energy Crisis Increases Demand for Renewables

July 2022

As the UK’s energy crises continues to deepen – caused in part by the country’s increasing reliance upon imported energy and lack of energy storage – the increased demand for commercial scale renewable energy developments is set to continue.  As a result, many landowners have been, or will be, approached by renewable energy firms seeking to tie up land for large scale solar PV and commercial battery storage schemes.  

There are myriad factors affecting the success of a scheme, including notably grid availability, connection costs, funding and planning approval, but when successful such schemes can provide attractive and steady income streams for landowners.  However, “there is no such thing as a free lunch” and the wider implications must be carefully considered.

As the renewables sector is now operating in a subsidy free world, this does invariably present a greater risk to both landowners and developers and therefore both the commercial terms and protection clauses for any prospective deal are of the utmost importance.  Entering into a lease of commonly 30-40 years, or indeed in providing exclusivity or enabling a developer to apply for a grid connection on your land, is a serious commitment and it is therefore crucial that landowners seek appropriate professional advice at as early a stage as possible.

GTH remain heavily involved in the sector, representing landowners’ commercial interests on sites ranging from solar site extensions and sub-station site sales, to 100MW battery schemes and 250 acre collaborative solar land deals.  Our expert planning and development team are also involved in planning for commercial scale renewable energy schemes.  

If you have been approached by a developer, or if you have land that may be suitable for solar or battery storage, please call 01392 908777 or email: for a no obligation initial discussion.


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