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Creating Tomorrow's Forests

Greenslade Taylor Hunt is delighted to have partnered with Tomorrow’s Forests, planting an initial 300 trees at their Charlotte’s Wood site on the Somerset Levels.

It was previously an unused field, liable to flooding, and will now become a diverse, native, thriving woodland. It will provide a new habitat for UK wildlife with numerous benefits for people too.

The site was chosen as an opportunity to showcase what Creating Tomorrow’s Forests is all about – using expertise to create a beautiful wet woodland and water meadow, perfect for amphibians and rare insect species, which will also help control flooding in the area.

Duncan Brown, Chairman of Greenslade Taylor Hunt, said: “As a firm we are delighted to be involved in this project, which will make a real difference. Partnering with Creating Tomorrow’s Forests demonstrates a clear commitment to investing in net zero targets and increasing biodiversity for the future of the planet.”

In time the firm hopes to plant another 50-60 trees each year – one for every new employee.

The initiative is part of a project by Tomorrow’s Forests to work with businesses to fight climate change and restore natural habitats in the UK.

Trees remove carbon dioxide – a big factor in climate change - from the atmosphere and store it long term.

More and more businesses are looking to mitigate their carbon footprint and this is where Tomorrow’s Forests can help.

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