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Garden Ground Rules

With Covid restrictions forcing us to spend more time at home, our gardens will again become more important than ever when Spring rolls around again. But if you're in rented accommodation, you may need to pause any plans you have to spruce up the garden until you speak to your landlord and agent, and check what your limits and responsibilities are.

You should always check your tenancy agreement as garden rules can vary from home to home but basic garden maintenance tends to be expected by most landlords.

Weeding, cutting grass and hedges, watering flowerbeds and keeping patio areas clean and tidy could all part of your responsibilities as a tenant. Whether you're green fingered or not, these tasks are usually expected of you, just like keeping the inside of the house in good order.

If you do plan on sprucing up the garden, always talk to your letting agent and/or landlord. Anything that requires digging and planting, such as putting in vegetable patches, climbing plants or patio areas, need to be agreed prior to starting the work. This is because these features tend to stay long after your tenancy comes to an end but the work to maintain them will continue.

Planning a get together (if and when we're allowed!)? Gardens can be a great spot to host friends and family in the spring and summer months. Afternoon BBQ’s are often a go-to favourite, and while you don’t usually need permission to invite people over, there are certain rules of etiquette you should follow. And as the pandemic is likely to remain a concern for some time, remember government guidelines before inviting people over.

It's always polite to let your neighbours know when you're planning events such as BBQ's or doing jobs that might disturb the residents in surrounding gardens and homes. Loud music and smoky washing can often be a cause of fractured relationships with your neighbours and landlord.

If in doubt about what your responsibilities are, your agent or landlord will be happy to help. Take a look at our helpful guide for tenant information here.

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