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Councils Seek to Identify Development Sites

April 2022

North Devon Council and Torridge District Council have launched a review of their joint Local Plan – the blueprint for housing and economic development in the area.

A key feature of this review is to identify all current and potential development sites regardless of current planning status.

This “call for sites” runs until April 29, 2022 so it is vital to act promptly. Anyone with an interest in land or property with development potential is invited to submit sites for the councils’ consideration. In order to be potentially suitable, land should be within or adjoining the towns and larger villages – those offering a reasonable range of services – in the area.

The councils are particularly keen to consider previously developed ‘brownfield’ land where there is an opportunity for redevelopment or to regenerate derelict sites. The councils will consider potential sites for five or more homes, or at least 0.25 hectares in area for economic and employment uses.

A crucial piece of work required to underpin this review is the identification of potential development land for housing and economic uses through a Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA).

The assessment process seeks to ensure that sites subsequently allocated through the Local Plan are suitable, available and achievable, in line with national planning policy.

The experienced team at the Development Land and Planning Department of Greenslade Taylor Hunt, who work across the South West, can assist landowners with identifying potential sites and guiding them through the process.

They can advise landowners on the best course to suit their particular requirements. Some may prefer to bring land to market by themselves, while others will want to work with a developer or land promoter. Call 01823 334466 or email for an initial chat.


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